Planning for Retirement Prosperity: Essential Steps for Creating Your Desired Lifestyle - October 25th, 6pm at Keeler Thomas

While most of us look forward to our retirement years, many of us are unsure of how prosperous our years in retirement will really be. There are very clear steps we can all take to improve our odds of having the lifestyle we truly desire. And, it’s never too late to start.

Professional facilitators will take all attendees through a four-step, interactive experience that helps illuminate the most important issues for them, and define those issues into clear statements of purpose and objectives. Then, each attendee will start the process of enumerating what that future vision will require in terms of resources. Finally, there is the beginning of a determination of where the “gaps” are between what is envisioned and where they currently are situated and how to start closing those gaps.

Each attendee receives a special “Gap Analysis” survey as well as their own personalized “What Matters” worksheet. All attendees will be offered a complementary follow-up consultation to answer their personal questions that arise from the analysis



      Workshop starts promptly at 6pm and will run approximately 1 hour with time for Q and A. Light refreshments will be served.


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