401k Smart Strategies: How to Maximize Your 401k (401a, 403b) and Save Money Too - November 1st, 6pm at Keeler Thomas

It is estimated that there is over $5 trillion in 401k accounts held in the U.S.A. For many pre-retirees, their piece of this “401k pie” will be a significant asset to help them achieve their desired retirement lifestyle. Yet, most people do not know or utilize the important strategies that can maximize their investment, as well as save money on future taxes.

Join our facilitators as they walk attendees through the process and strategies that are unknown and unused by most pre-retirees. Those who attend will discover which form of 401k…Roth or Traditional… is best for their situation, and when to change. They will also learn the methods for determining how to time withdrawals from retirement accounts in order to minimize the tax bite on your retirement income.

All attendees will receive a special 401k Strategies booklet and a complementary individual session to help determine the best strategy moving forward.


      Workshop starts promptly at 6pm and will run approximately 1 hour with time for Q and A. Light refreshments will be served.


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