Your Retirement Checklist: What Steps Await You in the Ten Years Before You Retire - October 11th, 6pm at Keeler Thomas

Most of us working are looking forward to retirement, but haven’t really taken the time to identify what steps, milestones, and decisions will need to be taken and made between now and when we retire. In fact, long before we leave our workplace for the last time, we will have set in motion the processes that will mean the difference between a comfortable or unease in our retirement years. This workshop points out the key milestones and decisions we will all need to consider as we approach retirement, and how best to address them.

Participants in this workshop will receive a booklet of information including fact sheets on Social Security, Medicare, Retirement Horizon Checklist and Milestones, and other helps.



      Workshop starts promptly at 6pm and will run approximately 1 hour with time for Q and A. Light refreshments will be served.


Your information will not be sold and will be kept safe.

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