Portfolio Design is equally important as the planning process to a client’s future financial goals.  Our process takes advantage of proprietary Keeler Thomas methods that match the client Targeted Rate of Return with an appropriate mix of assets to drive your investment portfolio towards the levels targeted by the plan.   
 While a comprehensive explanation of the entire process is too long for the purpose of this fact sheet, it is important to understand that ongoing, exhaustive investment research serves as the foundation for all of the asset models used by the company. Alongside this is an econometric model tracking investment drift and a continual rebalancing tracker.
In addition to internal processes, we use selected third-party management platforms and programs that help us meet our client’s investment parameters as well as create sophisticated hedging strategies for minimizing potential downside losses.
 The Keeler Thomas portfolio management program defines the objectives to meet the plan objectives and identifies each step needed to take to reach the goals. It is a process that activates assets into the engine that will help supply the client the lifestyle and legacy desired through the following steps:

  • Asset Allocation Modeling
  • Model Testing and Adjustment
  • Risk & Return Analysis
  • Investment Policy Statement Development
  • Custom Portfolio Design and Implementation
  • Portfolio Tracking and Active Management
  • Asset Value Protection
  • Legacy Asset Planning